“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin. 

There! In the corner of my vision: a black blur.

I knew what it was before I’d even fully turned my head. A spider on the edge of my clean, white bathtub.

Armed with my hairdryer, I ran through the options: windex, toilet paper, paper towel. A combination of all three. 

I looked at the time, then back at the spider. I had to get to work. I didn’t want to chase it around the room if I missed. Whatever; it’ll be fine until I get home. 

I turned to hang up my towel and noticed the spider had moved to the ceiling. A small part of me acknowledged the speed of this, and that I would probably regret not killing it while I had the chance. But I can’t be late. And I don’t want to have it jump on me. I’ll deal with it later.

I put on my clothes, found my keys and turned out the bedroom light. There it was. It had moved to the ceiling directly above my bed. I already have my keys. Augh. It’d better not fall in my bed. It’d just drop on me if I tried to kill it right now. I’ll find it when I get home. Fast forward 8 hours: back from work, coat off, and me standing solemnly in my bedroom, realizing that the spider was long gone.

Two days later, I came to consciousness slowly. 5am wakeup achieved. Pulled back the warm covers and made eye contact with my bedmate. THE GODDAMN SPIDER. 

I emitted a wheeze of horror combined with something of a war cry. In one fluid motion, my feet were on the floor and the spider was ground into my sheets with my fist. That spider crossed a line when it entered my sleeping space. 

I stared at my knuckles afterwards, realizing that this moment was a little metaphorical for my life in general: things get worse when I put them off. Kill the spider while I can. Don’t go to sleep with things left undone.

And, when confronted with that task, conversation, bill payment, phone call, etc., take it out in style and leave the windex for the weak.

“When we truly need to do is often what we most feel like avoiding.” – David Allen. 


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