“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” – Woody Allen. 

You don’t even want to know how fast I drove home to get this blog up before midnight.

So the topic is now this: the value of actions over intention.

I’ve developed a bad habit over the years. I have a deep rooted desire for perfection and hold myself to a fairly high internal standard with most things. If I miss something (sending a birthday card to someone, calling someone to thank them for a Christmas gift etc.), I delay it even longer. That quick text message that I forgot to reply to four days ago now needs a reply, an apology and an explanation. And that will take more time than I usually have in the moments that I remember I still need to send it. So I tell myself I will send it when I have the time for a meaningful response.

Day five.

NO. I forgot. Again. Now I will need to reply, apologize, explain, and arrange a hang out. But I should check my work schedule first so I actually have an idea of when that is. Right, I still need to make sure I have time set aside for the group project as well. I should check my email and see when that will be. Ok, I will make sure I do that when I get home. 

Day six.

Oh a text-NO. NO, they texted me back first! I was supposed to have sent them my reply last night! AUGH, I only have five minutes left on my work break. Ok, I will finish my shift and just explain everything when I get back home tonight. I should offer beer. Beer is good. Yes. Ok, I can do this. I can be a good friend.

Day seven.

RIGHT. I was supposed to text them back! It’s already 11 though, they are probably in bed. I shouldn’t be even more rude by waking them up this late (yes, yes I’m old and think 11 is late). I’ll just shoot them a message in the morning.

Does this sound familiar at all? If so, we both suck. If not, you’re a step ahead of me here.

This year will be full of these moments. Moments like tonight where I knew I was leaving myself a 15 minute window to write and submit this, and almost didn’t so that my first of 365 consecutive posts would be better. I had plans of literally mapping out the next 12 months in a template of goals. And I will write that. But this is a more honest way to start the year, and is a good reminder for myself as I go along.

Less is more. Under promise and over deliver. Value and rely on actions over intentions. Use a spot of grace (this is the g-spot referred to in the title you sick perverts) when there isn’t time for perfection, and humility when mistakes are made.

This is the result. The (more honest and less mind-blowing) first of 365 consecutive posts. I’m leaving this link for myself to refer back to, and for any of you who also need an extra nudge in the ‘just get things done when they need doing’ department.

I’d love to see what keeps you all going out there. Comment with links to articles, songs, videos or quotes that are driving you forward in your own 2015 goals.


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